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For over 20 years, RussTech has been trusted by corporations, defense contractors, non-profits, and federal, state, and local governments to deliver the secure translation and interpreting services across the world. RussTech’s expert technical translators and interpreters deliver language you can trust, no matter what industry you’re in. 

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Need your company’s website translated into Spanish? RussTech can do that. Wire tap transcript for a trial? Check. Scientific documents translated into Japanese and Swedish? Done.

Any need you have, we can meet. 

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Words Matter

We can’t help it. We love words. We think words matter. View the latest from our blog.

  • The Tesla Powerwall – Hype or Holy Grail

    RussTech Language Services, Inc. - a leading supplier of translation and interpreting services to the energy industry - is pleased to post the following link to a recently released report.

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  • Constructed Languages – Linguistics as an Art Form

    In my last blog, I talked about constructed languages that were created for some purpose. Esperanto was intended to serve as a universal, culturally neutral means of communication.

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  • Constructed Languages – Where Linguistics Meets Imagination

    As if there weren't enough languages in the world, people go on forming new ones, whether intentionally or not. Languages that are developed deliberately, as opposed to naturally.

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